The agency

The Fachagentur Windenergie an Land (FA Wind, Onshore Wind Energy Agency) promotes the environmentally friendly expansion of onshore wind energy throughout Germany. This goal also supports environmental and climate protection in line with the federal and state governments' climate and energy policy objectives, as well as the system integration of wind energy and related education and research.


Our challenges

Challenges regarding the planning and approval of wind turbines are becoming more and more complex, especially in terms of the impact on the environment but also in relation to competing uses of the land. With this in mind, the FA Wind brings together the large number of stakeholders throughout Germany and helps them cope with such challenges by providing comprehensive consulting, research and communication services.

Our activities

The FA Wind’s services focus on advising and assisting local governments and planning agencies with regard to their options for developing wind energy. Another emphasis is on sharing knowledge between research institutions, businesses and other public and private bodies to promote onshore wind energy expansion. As a result, the agency serves as a platform for dialogue among different stakeholders working on wind energy expansion.

To achieve its objectives, the FA Wind takes on various tasks that can typically be categorized into three areas: consulting, research and communication.

  • Our consulting services are primarily aimed at local governments and planning associations. In this context, we cooperate with citizen action groups, environmental associations, scientific institutions and project developers. The overall aim is to help realize concrete projects locally and reach local, regional and national climate protection targets. Here, it is vital to increase acceptance of local wind energy projects by creating value in the region and involving citizens in the planning process.

    Moreover, the FA Wind aims to assist stakeholders from business and politics, combine interests and initiate new partnerships. To achieve this, it is essential to analyse political developments at regular intervals in order to respond in a timely fashion on behalf of environmentally friendly wind energy expansion. Contributing expertise is often necessary at a political level to participate in controversial debates and make sure they're focussed on the facts, remove obstacles and encourage agreement.

  • In the field of research, the FA Wind concerns itself with current issues regarding planning law while taking into account aspects of environmental protection and gaining acceptance as well as issues related to competing uses (e.g. military radar, weather radar, air traffic control). Ultimately, the FA Wind will develop practical advice on how to solve problems. In addition to synoptic evaluations of current national and international research findings, we will focus on editing these findings in a way that is comprehensible. The FA can commission external expert advice on issues requiring a short-notice response.

  • External communication involves publishing key findings on individual topics and making them available to the interested public as well as explaining opinion-forming processes and current discussions. The emphasis here is on organizing free conferences and dialogue events as well as setting up expert committees. The FA Wind will combine knowledge transfer and public relations in order to represent complex matters in a comprehensible way, with the aim of garnering more acceptance for the environmentally friendly expansion of wind energy.


Dr. Antje Wagenknecht

T +49 30 64 494 60-69